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Safety Tips for New College Students

Do you have an incoming college student? Are you worried about their safety? It’s important for every parent to have a safety talk with their college students. Although college students may feel as though they have the safety aspect of college down, there is always something to be learned. Here are some safety tips for new college students that they should know about.

Safety Tips for New College Students

Safety Tips for New College Students

It is so important for us as parents to make sure our children are safe. One of the scariest things to approach is the time when they leave the nest and head to college. The tips below are great for sharing with your new college student to help them stay safe while away from home.

Go in Groups

One of the best ways new college students can stay safe is by going in groups. Going to the movies? Go in groups? Going out with friends? Go in groups. Going out in groups is just a safer way to hang out, when you’re in college. There is safety in numbers and this is a proven fact. You can go out in large groups or small groups, the choice is yours.

Tell Someone Where You’re Going

Whether you’re 19 or 21, it’s always a safe thing to tell someone where you’re going. Even if you text someone to let them know where you’re going, do it. College students have a lot going on, but safety should always be first. Make it a habit of telling someone where you’re going. This will make you feel better and your friends and family feel more at ease!

Never Take Rides From Strangers

With the kind of world we live in today, it’s safe to say that you should never take rides from strangers. This is something your parents taught you from a young age, but the older you get, you should still listen to it. You should also consider never taking a ride share by yourself. Again, there is always safety in numbers.

Keep Your Cell Phone Fully Charged

Something else you should do, as a new college student, is keep your phone fully charged! With a cell phone that is fully charged, you can worry less about what can go wrong. You can look up directions, so you always know where you’re going. Most importantly, you can ask for help when you need it most. You can even buy a battery pack, to keep in your pocket or purse, just in case you need to fully charge your phone. Always keep your phone fully charged.

Follow Your Instinct

One of the best tools you have, as a human, is to follow your instincts. If you feel as though the situation isn’t right, then go with your gut. Your gut is going to save you a lot of times! As a college student, you’re going to be put in a lot of unusual situations, remember that you always have the right to be in control of the situation.

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