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Tips For Healthy Meals For Back To School

Back to school is one of the hardest times of the year to stay healthy.  With so many new things in your routine, it can be tough to make enough time for exercise and healthy food.  We have some great tips for you to stay on top of healthy meals even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the back to school season.

Tips For Healthy Meals For Back To School

Tips For Healthy Meals For Back To School

To stay on track and still have great healthy meals ready for your family, it is important to always be prepared.  I have what I consider my top 3 tips for making sure you have plenty of healthy food ready for meals for your family no matter how many extra curricular activities you have to juggle.

Make a monthly menu plan:  Knowing what your family is eating each night is one of the best and easiest ways to really get a handle on staying healthy no matter what the distractions are in your life.  Choosing healthy foods your family loves and having them already scheduled on your menu plan is a great way to stay on track with healthy habits.

Prep meals in advance: We love using freezer meals to keep on top of our diet needs, and save money.  For healthy options, you can check out our 20 Healthy Freezer Meals In 3 Hours to begin.  These meals are super easy to shop for, prepare, and toss into your freezer for super easy meals every day.  I love how I can spend just one day a month preparing meals, and we have a great dinner every weeknight.  It also helps us stay in budget.

Use your slow cooker:  You probably already know we love using our slow cooker, and I honestly can’t even begin to tell you how big a difference it makes in staying healthy during back to school times.  Being able to thaw one of my freezer meals in the refrigerator overnight, then toss into the slow cooker in the morning is so easy. Knowing I love those recipes and they are already healthy makes everything so simple to manage.

Utilize frozen foods: I like to stockpile Smart Flour Foods frozen pizzas to keep on hand when I find myself in a time bind or we have a mid-week soccer game.  They taste amazing and they are a high-quality frozen pizza made with simple ingredients.  I love that they are made of ancient whole grains (sorghum, amarath and teff) and the crusts are non-GMO.  Best of all they are naturally gluten free and no one complains because they taste so good!  They come in classic cheese, garden margherita, Italian sausage and uncured pepperoni (my favorite).

If you are worried about staying on your diet during back to school season, don’t miss these great tips for creating easy and healthy meals for busy nights!

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