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Afterschool Treat Idea

Afterschool Treat Idea

Peyton has always loved little umbrella’s in his drink glass.  My Mom bought a bag of paper umbrellas for him at a local party supply store and they have been one of his favorite gifts!  It seems for him that a little umbrella and a drinking from a “stemmed” glass makes any day special.

We recently shared with you that we created a DIY Lemonade Stand at our house.  By pouring the lemonade into a stemmed glass and adding an umbrella we turn an every day drink into “something special”.  No this is not an alcoholic beverage rest assured.

I also recently found the little umbrella’s at the Dollar Tree and bought several bags to add to my Party Supply Box.  So the next time you need to turn an “every day” into a “special day” consider adding a little umbrella and a smile 🙂

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  1. Funny I should find this. We attended a party that had a tropical theme. My four year old fell in love with the tiny umbrellas. I never thought to use them as an after school treat!

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