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Best Bible Study Books for Teens

Today I am sharing with you the Best Bible Study Books for Teens. We’re certainly living in darker times than ever before. Christian teens today are facing incredibly difficult obstacles and challenges that do their best to keep them from the heart of Jesus.

Whether it’s spending too much time on a screen, watching uncensored adult TV shows, or listening to music with awful language, keeping a pure mind becomes nearly impossible.

Best Bible Study Books for Teens

As they grow older and head off to college, their faith is met with skepticism like never before and begins to plant doubt in the back of their minds. The Bible should always be the number one place that we should turn to, but there are a number of wonderful Bible study books that can also help. They can encourage teens in their faith and help them answer some difficult questions that they may have been wrestling with. Here are a few of the best Bible study books for teens out there.

3:16: The Numbers of Hope

By Max Lucado

There’s little need to argue the fact that John 3:16 is the most well-known and beloved Bible verse on the planet, yet most people haven’t fully come to grasp how it not only can change their lives but can also have an amazing impact on how they live it. Max Lucado teams up with Tricia Goyer to help teens better understand this while bringing insight to strengthen teenagers in their personal walk with Christ.

Teen People of the Bible

By Daniel Darling

The Bible is filled with stories of extraordinary men and women that had great faith, along with several that did not. We often forget that several of these characters were incredibly young yet faced difficult and immense challenges. Teen People of the Bible takes a look at several of those stories, pointing out the good and bad consequences that followed based on their decisions. Daniel Darling also includes a number of resources, as well as an online tool for sharing the gospel with others.

Discovering God’s Calling

By Philip Wilder

Have you ever wrestled with the feeling that there’s got to be something more out there that God has waiting for you? A greater purpose or mission that you’ve missed? Instead of continuing to sit on the sideline and allow life to pass you by, it’s time to get in on the action. In Discovering God’s Calling, Philip Wilder takes you deep, so you better not be afraid to feel a little uncomfortable at times. Teens will discover God’s role that he has planned for their lives, and also a greater urgency in reaching lost souls for Christ.

Life’s Big Questions God’s Big Answers

By Brad Alles

Far too many teens today that spent their whole lives growing up in the Church are mysteriously walking out the doors. Never to return. Several of them responded by insisting that religion simply did not add up intellectually, where there were few answers and proof to some really tough questions that they had. In Life’s Big Questions God’s Big Answers, Brad Alles tackles a number of important questions by replying with Biblical answers. It’s a study book that’s interactive for teens and they’ll have the tools that they need to defend their faith.

Experiencing the Heart of Jesus

By Max Lucado

Those that have experienced a personal encounter with Jesus Christ can never look at life the same way again. That’s because having a close relationship with Jesus changes everything. Yet so many people are afraid to get too close for that to happen. In the student edition of Experiencing the Heart of Jesus, Max Lucado encourages students to take a few steps closer to Jesus, so that they can truly find and know the heart of Jesus and walk with him more intimately.

It’s urgent that we teach and equip our young people to have a deeper intimacy with Jesus, as well as a richer understanding of His plan and facing the difficult challenges that they may come against them in life. These are all great study books that many teenagers have already come to love and can encourage them in their faith.

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