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Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots. I have always been a Big Lot’s store shopper.  My granny first introduced me to Big Lots so many years ago when I was a child.  I have so many fond memories of shopping with her there. She told me that Big Lots was her favorite place to save money and ever since then I have been a Big Lots shopper.

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots:

What most people don’t know is that Big Lots is full of name brand products! Whether you’re shopping for a new mattress or great deals on home decor, Big Lots has you covered with amazing deals on furniture and your favorite household brands.

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

I recently headed over to my local Big Lots to stock up on P&G products. Did you know that you can save big on your favorite brands like Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Crest and more? It is true! Even though Big Lots doesn’t accept manufacturers coupons don’t let that stop you from shopping there.  They have affordable everyday low pricing.  Right now, is a great time to stock up on P&G products for summer.  I have always been a loyal brand shopper when it comes to personal care, health and beauty and household products. Growing up using these brands it is difficult to find anything that compares.

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

I don’t have to sacrifice my budget though when I shop at Big Lots.  With summer in full swing, we are having lots of company.  Needing to stock up on my favorite brands is necessary because I am using more toilet paper, paper towels and often times my guests need supplies as well.

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

There are so many awesome P&G products that are available every day at Big Lots.  Some that you may want to consider stocking up on include:

  • Fabric Care – Tide, Gain, Downy, Unstoppables, Bounce
  • Family Care – Bounty, Charmin, Puffs
  • Dish Care – Dawn, Gain
  • Air Care – Febreeze
  • Personal Care – Ivory, Old Spice, Olay
  • Oral Care – Crest, Oral B
  • Shave Care – Gillette, Venus

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

While shopping at Big Lots be sure to sign up for a FREE Big Rewards Shopper Card.  Start earning exclusive Rewards with your very first purchase.  Earn a $5 reward for every 3 purchases. You can combine Rewards with other offers too! My favorite benefit is the VIP shopping days! Enjoy 20% off savings during member-only Friends & Family VIP shopping days. You will get a special surprise for your birthday and receive frequent money saving coupons too!

Save on P&G Products at Big Lots

Head over to your local Big Lots so that you can take advantage of these great prices on P&G products. If you are unsure of the location, you can check online to see if there is one near you.  Tell me, have you shopped at Big Lots before?

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of P&G.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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    1. You can not use manufacturers coupons but you can use store coupons. Be sure to join the Big Rewards Shopper Program. They have days where you get 20% off your entire purchase!

  1. I grew up going to Big Lots with my mom. My husband and I found several items for our home when we were first married. I haven’t been in a Big Lots in a few years. I’m not sure why!

  2. I had no idea that Big Lots carried these P&G brands. Good to know that you can get these high-quality products there for less money. I’m off to find a store near me.

  3. Looks like I need to visit Big Lots again. It’s certainly been awhile and I didn’t know how much I could be saving by shopping here.

  4. I love stocking up on things at Big Lots. I am always surprised at what I find. I am almost out of fabric softner and I am a huge fan of P&G products so it looks like I am off to get some Downy.

  5. I really need to start shopping at Big Lots. I’d love to save the money. More importantly, making fewer trips to the store would be a huge win!

  6. Well first off I never knew you were able to use coupons at big lots, so that’s pretty awesome. But at the same time, it’s on the other side of town and I rarely ever go there, because of that fact alone, unless there’s something I’m going there for solely. Def going to have to grab the coupons and head over there to snag some deals though now.

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