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Save on AXE

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself. As you know my son is all about his personal style.  He loves to express himself via the way he dresses and how he styles his hair.  Since he was 6 years old, he has selected his own hair styles and styled his own hair.

Save on AXE:

I love that he has ownership in how he looks, and I don’t even bother to try to purchase clothing for him.  One thing that I can do though is purchase styling products for him. When I am out shopping at my local CVS store, I am always on the lookout for hair styling tools so that my son can look his best and feel confident when he is on the go this summer.

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

One of the biggest events at the start of each summer is soccer tryouts.  This can bring a lot of pressure and stress.  Peyton is always most confident when he has a fresh haircut and styles his hair.  We always make sure to schedule a fresh hair cut for him right before tryouts and I pick up a variety of styling products so that he has a selection to choose from.

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

Regardless of if you son has graduation parties to attend or summer parties, he will feel his best when his hair is styled.  My son always feels confident with a fresh haircut and styled hair. I simply bring home AXE pomade, clay, putty, paste and cream from CVS when I am running my errands and I feel assured that they are the tools he needs to express his individuality—because they come from a brand he already uses and loves!  When I am picking up his body wash in his favorite scent, I pick up a few hair products too!

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

Be sure to pick up a few AXE hair products the next time you are shopping at CVS! Right now, you can save big with these offers:

  • By 1 Get 1 50% off
  • Buy 2 and get $4 ExtraBucks® Rewards

Offers valid 6/10/18–6/16/18. ExtraBucks® Rewards offer limit of ONE (1) per household with card.

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

My son is always game ready when he is expressing his style. He loves the AXE hair products that I got him at CVS.  I can see how confident Peyton is when expresses his style and is looking for his best. It makes me feel good to be able to provide him the tools he needs to express his hair individuality and feel like the most confident version of himself.  We are often worried about female empowerment but as a boy mom I am concerned with empowering my son to be the best version of himself.  That starts with making sure he is confident and ready for anything that comes at him.

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

Peyton is really excited to have made the soccer team that he hoped to be on, and we are so proud of him too.  Hard work has really paid off for him this year. He is looking forward to attending a Barcelona Soccer Camp later this month.  It is going to be important to keep him fresh and ready so he can look his best.  With that he will have the confidence he needs to perform at a high level too!

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

Some of his favorite products include AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade. This product will create structured styles in an instant and allows you to stay in control of your look. You can go modern or give it a retro finish, the options are endless.  Best of all a little goes a long way. Start with a fingertip amount of product and mix between your fingers. Rake it through your hair then use a comb to create that perfect style.  This product gives a medium hold with a shine finish.

He also likes the AXE Whatever Messy Look Paste.  This gives him a completely different look.  You can get that just out-of-bed look with some extra texture.  You can rework, reshape and recraft your hair and allow it to move the way you want it to. All you need is a fingertip amount of paste. Mix it between your fingers and work it through your hair. Then mess it up or down until you get the look, you’re after.  The product provides a medium hold with a messy look and natural finish.

Finally, there is the AXE Peace Control Cream. Get that casual style (without looking like you tried too hard) when you use this one. It creates effortlessly create natural looks, that stay put all day.  Simply take a fingertip amount and mix it between your fingers. Rake through your hair and style it any way you like.   The product provides a medium hold with a natural finish and a natural look.

Save on AXE and provide a way for your teen to express himself

I love how AXE helps guys express their personal style and builds confidence.  Be sure to stop by your local CVS and pick some up today!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Mirum.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. My husband loves to use AXE hair products too! He has tried the messy look and the clean-cut look varieties. I love that these products smell great and seem to have a good hold without making his hair look too crunchy.

  2. He is growing up so fast! Every time I see him he is always stylin! I think the way you do. I always want my boys to feel their best. Plus, this is a great savings!

  3. Peyton looks fantastic! I think it is such a value to teach our young sons to take good care of themselves from an early age like this! Axe was what I started my own son out on!

  4. I had no clue axe made hair products. It’s a brand that reminds me of post gym days during middle school,lol. That said, I might give this pomade a try the next time I twist my hair.

  5. My boys haven’t yet tried the Axe hair care products. I think my oldest son will like the products if I take the time to pick them up from the store. The youngest will use whatever I put in his hair.

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