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Rusty Wallace Racing Experience

Attention Race Fans!  Get ready to start your engines and take a ride or drive of your lifetime! My son has always been a HUGE NASCAR fan and he went for the ride of his life with the Rusty Wallace Racing Experience!

When I was thinking of what to get my son for Christmas, I didn’t have to look far! I knew what he has always dreamt of doing and I could not wait to gift it to him! Since he was able to sit up, he has been watching racing.  Him and his father share this love.  This was an amazing day with family and an incredible memory for my son!

Caleb took his ride at Kentucky Speedway! My son has been to races at this track, and he was so excited. Five laps at a Super Speedway were a dream come true! This is the ride of a lifetime.  Sadly, we have not had a race in Kentucky since Covid.  So, this was a special treat.

If you have a Race Fan in your family, you need to check this out at Rusty Wallace Racing Experience! They have locations all over the United States you can choose from!

Other Amazing Things to do in Kentucky!

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Cumberland Falls – Cumberland Falls and is known as the Niagara of the South. It is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the South and is definitely one to see.  It is located in Corbin, KY.

Red River Gorge Getaway – This is one of the best getaways in Kentucky!

Big Bone Lick State Park – Big Bone Lick State Park is in Union Kentucky and located close to nearby Cincinnati, Ohio for those wanting to check it out. It is a great road trip destination.

The Kentucky Castle – The Kentucky Castle is a unique destination that EVERYONE needs to put on their travel bucket list right here in Central Kentucky. It is not every day that you get the opportunity to stay in a castle.

Maker’s Mark Distillery TourWe just experienced the Maker’s Mark Distillery Tour, and it was awesome! I highly encourage you to consider completing part if not all of the bourbon trail if you visit Kentucky.

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  1. My oldest son would love to do this. I wish that I could surprise him with tickets but at the moment I can’t afford to. Maybe one day.

  2. Looks like so much fun, NASCAR has always been interesting to me. He looks like he enjoyed his time. Thanks for sharing!

  3. So much fun and I love Nascar! I used to go to recess years back and was a huge Tony Stewart fan… now I am rooting for Harvick as he races for Tony 😉 Lots like a blast!

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