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Visit Natural Bridge

I may never get to see the 7 wonders of the world, but I did get to see the wonder of Kentucky!  If you get the chance you really need to Visit Natural Bridge located in Slade, Kentucky.  We are a hiking family and we had never been to this area.

Visit Natural Bridge

About Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge was formed when iron and manganese in ground water precipitates on a cliff surface. It is said that a fracture may have aided the water movement.  This bridge is a natural arch, which makes it so amazing to see.  Bill Bailey, who writes books about state parks says, “Natural Bridge refers to a particular sandstone rock bridge that is 65 feet in height and spans 78 feet in length.”  It certainly was amazing.

Visit Natural Bridge

If you are not fond of hiking you can take the sky lift and see the amazing views.  We took the sky lift because we were just interested in seeing the park from above.  They say the distance to the top is around 600 feet.  We paid $10 for adults and $7 for kids, of course price can change.  They also give military discounts.


I know a lot of people like to hike with their pets, but Natural Bridge is considered a Nature Preserve and they are not permitted.  If you want to hike with your pets you can do so in the Red River Gorge, which is located close by.

Visit Natural Bridge

Amazing Views

We were so impressed with the views from Lover’s Leap and Natural Bridge.  Take plenty of time to walk around and enjoy the sites.  Do not forget your water! On this trip we did not have the chance to visit the rest of Natural Bridge State Park but there is so much more to do.  A weekend is really not enough time to explore everything we wanted.

visit Natural Bridge

The only amazing thing that has happened during Covid is we decided to explore our own home state. If you have not explored your home state, I urge you to.  We really do not realize the beauty and adventure we have around us! It is even close enough for a day trip, but I would stay longer!  So next time you are looking for a weekend trip Visit Natural Bridge and take in the nature.  You will never forget the Natural Bridge and the beautiful landscape around you!

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