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Orange Vinegar Cleaner

I am so excited to share with you this non toxic Orange Vinegar Cleaner.  I love the effectiveness of cleaning with vinegar and that it is a natural cleaner. I can spray areas and know that it is not harmful to my children. I clean the bathrooms, doorknobs and kitchen counters.

All Natural Orange Vinegar Cleaner

There is always a bottle under my sink with vinegar in it. So when I came across the idea to steep orange peels in it and make it smell better — I couldn’t resist trying it. I was curious to see if it would really work, keep in mind that the smell of good old regular vinegar does not bother me. However my 8 year old son has Asperger’s Syndrome and certain smells really bother him and vinegar is one of them. So I am always trying to clean when he is out of the house.

So much to my surprise after a week of steeping in the vinegar, the orange peels did work. It turned the vinegar into a sweet smelling success. Now this is the only way I use it!

Orange Vinegar

1 16-ounce canning jar

2 oranges, peels only

vinegar to cover

Put the orange peels inside the jar. Pour vinegar in the jar to cover the peels and put the lid on tightly. Store in the cupboard for a week, then transfer the vinegar to a spray bottle and use for all your cleaning purposes!

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  1. Love it! I just started cleaning with vinegar and my husband hates the smell. I’m definitely going to try this – thanks!

  2. I love this idea we spend a lot of time in Mexico and always have citrus available.
    I’d just like to suggest using organic oranges & lemons in this recipe and any other that uses citrus zest, so you are not spreading around toxins inside your homes and bodies.

  3. Will using the orange peels in the vinegar reduce the acidity of the vinegar since it’s reacting with peels for a week. If so will that reduce the effectiveness of the vinegar as an antiseptic cleaner?

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