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5 Ways to Save at Starbucks

5 Ways to Save at Starbucks

5 Ways to Save at Starbucks. I will just start by saying I love Starbucks!  I am by no means a coffee professional, but I do love a good, handcrafted beverage.  I am recently hooked on their hot tea which is Teavana brand. But I am also a frugal woman, and I will not spend $5 and more on a drink.  There is no room for that in our family budget, but there are ways to earn FREE Starbucks drinks by being creative.

5 Ways to Save at Starbucks

5 Ways to Save at Starbucks:

1) Gift cards – I earn Starbucks gift cards through Swagbucks.  I am always on the computer working so I am continuously earning on my account. To learn more about Swagbucks click here —>How does Swagbucks work?

2) My Starbucks Rewards – You receive HUGE benefits through this program.  You just need a Starbucks gift card to register. You can click this link to sign up —>Starbucks Card. Once you are signed up you start earning stars.

To enjoy free drink and food rewards, you’ll need to earn Stars. Get Stars when:

  • You pay at a participating store with your registered Starbucks card or app
  • You buy coffee or tea products at Starbucks Store online

Collect more Stars, earn more rewards.  Once you earn 12 stars you get a FREE beverage of any size!

((Once I earn enough on my Swagbucks to get a $25 gift card, I then load it to my Starbucks card))

3) Referral Program for Starbucks Rewards – For every person you refer through your link/card account you get an email with a code for 6 stars.  Once you reach Gold Level you receive a FREE drink for every 2 people.

4) Starbucks Sales – A few times throughout the year Starbucks have certain drinks half-off or a Buy One Get One Free.

***Which starting November 12, 2015, through November 15, 2015, from 2pm – 5pm you can receive Buy One Get One FREE on certain holiday beverages.  If you are a Gold Member the sale is extended to November 16, 2015!

5) Bring Your Own Cup – You save $0.10 bringing in your mug and this adds up over time and you are helping to save on waste!

Now this is how I break down my savings: I earn gift cards through Swagbucks.  Then load them on to my Starbucks Rewards Card.  When I am purchasing more than one drink, I pay for them separately.  By doing this I earn a star for each drink.  If you have 3 drinks and pay for them all at the same time, you only earn 1 star.  But if you do them each on their own, you will earn 3 stars!

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