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Multi-Tasking Humor

Multi-tasking is a gift

Multi-Tasking Humor. I can multi-task with the best! My husband is always amazed at how much I can do at the same time. My friend sent me this ecard the other day and I just wanted to share it with the rest of you 🙂 Can your multi-task too???

Here are some tips for multi-tasking that will save you money. Over the years, I have learned to multi-task, and I have become an expert at it!  I do not waste time and in turn it saves me money! When I go to the grocery, I strategically plan out my trips.    I always plan what I need and where I am going.  Every Sunday I look at the circulars and make my grocery list based on what stores are having sales that week.  Then look at my week and determine what my plans are for each day.


I base my shopping on what is close to where I need to be.  Usually, it is within 2-3 miles of my given destination.  Every Sunday is my sweep day.  “Sweep Day” is a day I will drive to the farthest point I have to shop and shop everywhere I need to on the way home.  I often pack a cooler to store the items that may need to stay cool or pick them up at one of the last locations according to my plan.  This is an awesome stockpile day for me.  Since a lot of the stores are limiting coupons and not doubling it is necessary for me to stop at several stores.  I am very fortunate because I have 9 Kroger’s, 1 Meijer, 2 Walmart’s, 2 CVS, 4 Walgreens, 1 Target, 1 Sam’s, and 1 Remke all within 18 miles of my house.

Another time saving strategy is to map out your stores.  Get to know them.  When you are at the store ask at the Customer Service desk if they have a map of their store.  If they don’t then map it out yourself.  After you map out your store make your grocery list according to how each store is laid out.  This will save you a lot of time because you will not be jumping all over the list.  It also saves time when you forget something on the list, and you spend 10 minutes back tracking to find it.  I know because I have done this!!!  I also have my coupon binder arrange by the Kroger I shop the most.  It helps me from flipping back and forth.

I would love to hear your tips and tricks for multi-tasking.  Please feel free to comment. I would love to know if you relate to this multi-tasking humor.


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