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Maty’s Healthy Products

Maty's Healthy Products - All Natural Alternatives To Traditional Medicine

Check out Maty’s Healthy Products. They are All Natural Alternatives to Traditional Medicine. I am so excited to share this brand with you!  When Maty’s Healthy Products reached out to us, I had never heard of them before.  As you know I have Celiac Disease and I use essential oils.  I prefer all natural and organic medicines for myself and my family and so as I began to research this brand I fell in love.

Maty’s Healthy Products is a family owned and operated manufacturer of all natural products. Their products were born from a mother’s love to help her own daughter, who was born with heart defects, heal naturally. Her story is amazing.  The 100% natural remedies are made with whole-food ingredients that are safe and effective, so you don’t have to worry about harmful side effects or drug interactions. Her mission is simple. She wants to give families all natural, healthy alternatives to traditional medications.

Maty’s believes that Mother Nature provides so many powerful, healing ingredients that are safe, effective, and don’t require a doctor’s visit to get access to them. Our ancestors knew this and alleviated minor symptoms using substances available to them. These home remedies were effective and in many cases worked even better than modern drugs and medications.  They combine modern knowledge with age old healing ingredients to produce healthy, natural products that are safe and effective. The natural ingredients don’t simply cover up the symptoms, but actually enhance your body’s healing power.

They never use artificial preservatives, color additives or sweeteners and there is no corn, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy or yeast in their products.  They are also Petroleum, Paraben, and Phthalate Free.  As a mom this gives me peace of mind in using this brand.  Best of all there are no side effects when you use all natural products and no drug interactions.  They are safe, gentle and effective.

Maty's Healthy Products - All Natural Alternatives To Traditional Medicine

Maty’s Healthy Products – All Natural Alternatives To Traditional Medicine

They have a line of products for the Whole Family:

All Natural Acid Indigestion Relief

All Natural Breathe Better Nasal Ointment

All Natural Cough Syrup For The Whole Family

All Natural Nighttime Cough Syrup For The Whole Family

Organic Organic Cough Syrup

All Natural Vapor Rub

They have a line of products for Children:

All Natural Cough Syrup For Children

All Natural Nighttime Cough Syrup For Children

Organic Organic Cough Syrup

All Natural Vapor Rub

They have a line of products for Baby:

All Natural Baby Chest Rub

All Natural Baby Ointment

My experience.  My son has had a respiratory virus that he has been fighting for the past two weeks.  As soon our Maty’s products arrived in the mail I immediately started using them with him.  I used both each evening before bedtime.  I applied the Vapor Rub on the bottom of his feet and slipped socks over top.  The combination of the cough syrup and vapor rub provided him with a peaceful nights sleep!  This was a lifesaver and there were NO complaints about the taste of the cough syrup.  In fact he liked the taste.  That is a huge change for traditional OTC medication.

Maty's Healthy Products - All Natural Alternatives To Traditional Medicine

I love that Maty’s Healthy Products are 100% natural. They are safe, gentle and effective. They are available for purchase nationwide in retailers and online (free shipping on every order).

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post however all opinions are 100% my own.



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  1. I love when I can find a natural brand for my health care that is effective I have not seen this Maty’s in the store before. I know my most common medication I use is cough and cold meds.

  2. I tend to use more traditional medicines, but it is good to know that there are alternatives such as this. I have used a similar cough syrup for my boys when they had nasty colds as toddlers–I loved how gentle and safe of a product it was. Thanks for sharing Matys healthy products.

  3. I need these now my daughter is coughing up a storm and natural stuff seems to be so much better than the store stuff. I will look these up to see if I can find them locally here in GA

  4. I’ve always used homeopathic medicines on my kids! I feel better knowing they are natural for them. My grandma used to make this concoction when my son had a cough and the homeopathic come to closest to that family remedy.

  5. I’ve never given much thought to what is in my medicines; I usually just grab whatever is on hand. I’m definitely going to look at the ingredients now and compare to see what’s really in them! Thanks for the information!

  6. I am always interested in natural products! I love using Homeopathic medicines for my husband. I am going to do research so I can compare to another brand that I use. Thanks for the information!

  7. These are wonderful remedies when trying to stay away from medicines. They can really serve a purpose. I have not sued this brand personally but I am certainly interested in checking them out this cold and flu season!

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