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How to Slice a Strawberry

How-to-Slice-a-Strawberry without slicing your finger. Safe for kids and elderly.

How to Slice a Strawberry so that it is perfectly evenly and super easy to do! Have you ever thought of using your egg slicer??? I have never thought of it before, but then Melissa mentioned it to me. I thought to myself I can’t believe all this time I was doing it myself with a knife.

So, the other day I needed some sliced strawberries for a recipe, so I pulled out my egg slicer and started slicing away. I could not believe how easy it was! Next time you need sliced strawberries be sure to try using your egg slicer. This is a safe method for kids and elderly.

How to Slice a Strawberry:


1. Wash your strawberry and place in the egg slicer.

2. Bring the slicer down on the strawberry.

3. Pick strawberry slices up off the egg slicer and place in bowl or plate.

4. Continue until all strawberries are sliced.

How to Slice a Strawberry Using an Egg Slicer

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