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Big Foot Hunting and Camping Out

Big Foot Hunting and Camping Out

We are all about making memories with our boys.  The boys came in yesterday saying they wanted to hunt for big foot and camp out.  I am not sure where this came from but I played a long.  Then I found out I was camping outside on the trampoline all night because they thought Big Foot was coming to our back yard.

Big Foot Hunting and Camping Out:

They set up a little trap in the back yard and put up the tent on the trampoline because they had to be off the ground.  Next thing I know we all were sleeping on the trampoline.   About 5:40 in the morning it starts raining!  I have never seen my kids wake up so fast.  The things we do for our kids!  I think I need a nap today.

Have you ever gone hunting for Big Foot?  It is a lot of fun (until it rains).

When you go Camping and Hunting for Big Foot it is always a good idea to make S’mores Pops

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