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How to save money at Kings Island

I am asked all of the time how to save money at Kings Island. I think the best answer to that is to invest into a season pass. If you think you will go to Kings’ Island and or the Water park at least twice in a season then it is worth investing in a season pass.  If you don’t want to invest in a pass you can purchase discounted King’s Island tickets at Kroger and online at VisitKingsIsland.com.

How to save money at Kings Island

Why? Free parking is included in the cost of the season pass, you don’t have to feel obligated to stay all day and you can get in early for specific rides with the season pass admission.  We personally like to arrive for the early ride time then head over to the water park and we are ready to leave by 3:00 pm.  There is no obligation for us to stay all day and with our pass it is a great summer fun activity.

Right now you can renew your pass or purchase a gold pass for next season for a total of $79.99 or 6 payments of $13.33 a pass.  That is a great deal.  If you are looking for an awesome Christmas present I highly suggest the gold pass.  I bought them for my niece and nephew and they were thrilled.

How to save money at Kings Island 

1.  Pack Water Bottle Waters (1 per person) and bring them inside to the park.

2.  Pack a cooler and picnic outside of the park to save money.

3.  Pack snacks to eat on the way home so you don’t have to stop.

4.  Purchase the refillable cups and then purchase refills for $.99.

5.  Purchase the refillable tubs for snacks and then pay $99 for a refill (cotton candy or popcorn) when you are at the park.

6.  Take advantage of the season pass discounts on meals and inside of the park.  Save 10% on all purchases in the park.  Plus save on games when you show your pass.

7.  If you have a food allergy or gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease you can bring your own food into the park  – however they now offer Gluten Free Pizza option too!

8.  If you want to ride the Xskyflyer or Sling Shot those two rides cost an additional cost once in the park.  TIP – go first thing in the morning and purchase a ticket when they slash the price to as low as $5 per person.  Then come back and use your ticket when you want during the day.

9.  Bring your own glow sticks to save money if you are staying for the fireworks!

10.  If you are not a season pass holder then purchase discounted tickets online before you go or at Kroger stores to purchase.

11.  Ask for a free water or ice.  You can go to most any concession stand and ask for free water and ice.  The cups are really small but if you bring your own cup they will fill it for you.  Another tip is to bring a water flavor enhancer to add to the water.

12.  If you are coming up and can afford to spend the night you can enter the park the night before your ticketed admission for $29.99 after 4 pm.   That is great time to come because the lines are usually less in the the evenings.

13.  Take advantage of the All Season Dining Plan.  You can purchase one and share it with a friend (or two).  Set your timer on your phone because you can eat every 90 minutes so it is a great way to stretch your budget.

You may want to check out Shelley’s review of  Great Wolf Lodge too! She has some great tips for saving money!

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  1. Really I didn’t know u were allowed to bring food in if you have food allergies. My kids are both gluten intolerant so we always bring our own food but eat in the car. Do u have to get approval from guest services or how does that work ? Thanks for all the great tips !!!

    1. No, you don’t have to do anything unless they stop you at the gate. I have never had a problem though!

    2. Actually Kings Island prefers if you go to guest services (located at the front gate) when you arrive instead of trying to go through the front gate with it. They are very kind and understanding about allergies.

      1. They don’t even stop or search you on most cases so there is no concern. I am a season pass holder with Celiac Disease.

  2. Great tips. You can also take advantage of the meal plans, which were added for 2014, and will be enhanced for 2015. The biggest change is you will now be allowed to use an All-Season plan at all of the Cedar Fair parks.

  3. Great tips, I would love to see an updated version for 2016 as we just gifted some season passes. I didn’t know you could take in food if you have a food allergy, that is great!

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