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Sports Party…perfect for your all star


How to host an awesome sports party without breaking the bank!

Do you have a future NFL or MBA player in your house having a birthday? You may to consider a Sports Star Party and hit a home run with these frugal birthday ideas. A sports themed party is one of the most frugal parties that you can throw because chances are you have most of the items needed to entertain your “team” in your house already.

How to host an awesome sports party:

When my son was turning two I knew he would love a sports party and I had many of the decorations for the party in my birthday box, a box where I store clearance finds that I plan to use for upcoming birthday parties. After the Superbowl the previous year I had bought several football themed items on clearance. I found a football shaped cake pan, football bowl, plates, cups, napkins and cupcake toppers that I had bought for very little and were perfect for our little all star’s party. Another great time to buy items on clearance or off season is baseball items after the World Series or racing items after the Daytona 500.

I skipped the traditional party games and set up several sports games. Wiffleball is great for a baseball fan and safer than true baseball and tag or flag football is fun and active. Set up an obstacle course with cones and challenge guests to dribble a soccer ball or basketball through the cones. Including a small, plastic trophy or medal made from craft foam and ribbon in your guests’ goodie bags to keep the games fun and noncompetitive.

Want to try your hand at a homemade pinata? A baseball or basketball is easy and can be filled with sports tattoos, stickers, theme candy and other small toys for a great party activity. Making one is easy and all you need is newspaper, a balloon, flour and water. Start by tearing the newspaper into strips, a great job for the birthday kiddo. Dip the newspaper into a mixture of equal parts flour and water and smooth onto a blown up balloon. Continue doing this until the balloon is covered. Allow your pinata to dry and repeat several layers to add strength. When it is completely dry, pop the balloon and decorate for your sports star party.

Hope these tips help you score a touchdown with your little sports star on their next birthday. Play ball!

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