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How to Plan a Penguin Party

How to Plan a Penguin Party

How to Plan a Penguin Party. We attended a Penguin Party at the Kenton County Library Durr Branch and I wanted to share it with you. It just goes to show that any theme can be turned into a party 🙂

Ms. Jenny the staff member that hosted the party did a great job with attention to detail.  Here is a photo of Peyton and his buddy Landen enjoying the party.

I love how she turned an oreo into a Penguin cookie.

She stared by reading 2 penguin themed stories.

At each seat was a cute polka dot napkin, plate of penguin themed snacks and a craft.  There was also a water bottle that was filled with treats for each child.

This is the penguin craft that the children made.  It was created from an Easter Egg that was spray painted black!  Love it!

After the craft there were several games to play.  This was Peyton’s favorite.  She also had Penguin Bowling and Penguin Pin the Tail.  I think you extend this party with Mr. Popper’s Penguins or Happy Feet if you had an older crowd or more time.  We love the movie, and it would be a great fit!

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