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How to throw a Despicable Me 2 Party


How to throw a Despicable Me 2 Party for your kids. You can start off by making these adorable cups for your guests to use during the party. This is a frugal way to have a theme party without spending a lot of money on themed party cups at the store. You can pick up these yellow cups and use a sharpie marker to create your minion design.


You will need yellow cups and a black sharpie marker. Next you draw the faces on them and let them dry. It’s that simple.

Next you can make these amazing cupcakes for all the guests to enjoy on as they are having loads of fun!


All you need is cupcakes with blue icing on them, Hostess Twinkies, edible candy eyes, brown sprinkles and a black icing pen. Cut the twinkies in half and place down into icing on top of cupcake. If you need to make the top more secure add extra icing around it. Next using the black icing pen draw the faces and dab a drop on the black of the edible eyes and press them on. Next add the sprinkles for hair. Now you are all done and ready to party!

If you want to add some inexpensive minion themed items to a goodie bag and you are set! I hope you enjoy this easy Despicable Me 2 Party for your kids.

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