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DIY Football Drinking Glasses

Love these DIY Football Drinking Glasses. Get ready for the big game when you craft these easy and inexpensive football drinking glasses!

Frugal Football Fun - DIY Football Drinking Glasses are perfect for game day!

Made to look like actual footballs, these glasses are perfect for sipping your game day beverages. You can make one of these football drinking glasses in just minutes, and they are so simple that even little ones can join in on the fun. Here is how you can get started crafting your own before the next game!

Frugal Football Fun - DIY Football Drinking Glasses are perfect for game day!

DIY Football Drinking Glasses

Supplies needed:
Mason jars ($1 each at Dollar Tree or Michael’s Craft store)
White washi tape or craft paper
Glue (only if using craft paper as opposed to washi tape)
Green striped straws ($2 a package at Michael’s Craft store)

As you can see, these supplies are common and easy to find. You will also notice how inexpensive they are, allowing you to craft several of these glasses for just a few dollars.

1. Begin by cutting a 3 inch or so strip of white washi tape or paper. Apply it to the front of the glass (running vertically) until secure in place.
2. Cut an assortment of short strips, about an inch in length each, and attach them horizontally to the glass. You want to place them over your original strip, so they resemble the stitches on a football.
3. Fill your glass with a dark beverage such as soda or tea. This will make the glass really look like a football now.
4. Finish by adding a green striped paper straw to the beverage. Your football drinking glass is now complete!

See how simple a football drinking glass can be? These are perfect for your game day parties and celebrations and are sure to wow your guests.

Gather your supplies and give these frugal football drinking glasses a try!

Frugal Football Fun - DIY Football Drinking Glasses are perfect for game day!

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  1. What a fun and easy DIY…thanks
    Like the Birthday idea that SU suggested. My hubby and sister will be turning 40 this year so best have a party:)

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