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How to Throw a Race Car Party


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Start your engines for a high speed birthday party..

Vroom Vroom, a race car party is sure to keep your birthday kiddo and their guests moving fast and making memories but it doesn’t have to be expensive. When I threw a race car themed party for my son’s 6th birthday it was one of the most frugal parties that we have planned. We had almost everything we needed to entertain the birthday guests in our toy box.

I skipped the traditional party games and set up huge tracks all around our house and backyard. My boys already had miles of track and boxes of cars and they loved seeing their tracks used on a larger scale. We even re-purposed some light boxes for the cars to knock over and pie tins for the cars to run into to add special effects at the end of the tracks.

We had a green light for decorations by using cars and accessories from my son’s race tracks to decorate the table….I washed them all well first. I even used my son’s favorite race car and cupcakes to make a winner’s circle. The cupcake toppers were just printed clip art of checkered flags. I bought table decorations and banners after the Daytona 500 on clearance and stored them in my birthday box, a box where I store clearance and seasonal items that I plan to use for birthday parties.

Each guest was invited to bring their fastest race car to the party to race against the other guests. I had plenty on hand in case someone forgot theirs. In each guest’s gift bag was a small plastic trophy so the racing was fun instead of competitive. Another great idea is to pick up matchbox cars on sale at your local store for the treat bags.

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