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Star Wars Party Laser Obstacle Course

Star Wars Party Laser Obstacle Course - Perfect for Parties!

If you are looking for a fun indoor game that is perfect for a boy’s birthday party, then you are going to love this Star Wars Party Laser Obstacle Course.  Best of all it costs little to nothing to make.  All you need is two rolls of crepe paper and blue painter’s tape. You may even have these items in your stockpile right now. My friend Erin hosted a Star Wars Party for her son’s birthday and his friends LOVED playing the Star Wars Party Laser Obstacle Course that she created for them.

Star Wars Party Laser Obstacle Course


  • Crepe Paper
  • Blue Painters Tape


In a hallway or other area of your house use strips of crepe paper to create a Laser Obstacle Course.  Use blue painters’ tape to attach to your walls and staircase so you don’t have any damage when you remove.

Send each child through the course one at a time to see if they can avoid the “Lasers”.  The one with the least damage to the course wins!

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