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New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown

New Year's Eve Balloon Countdown

We love this New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown. My friend Kathy shared her New Year’s Eve Countdown tradition on Facebook last year and I asked her if I could share it with you all.  I just love the idea of creating a countdown for New Year’s Eve that gets the kids involved.

New Year’s Eve Balloon Countdown:

All they do is blow up balloons and write the countdown on them.  The children can take turns popping at each set time.   They do them on the hour until the last hour and then it is every 15 minutes.

We love to sit down as a family and create our New Year’s Resolutions.  This is fun way to create a bucket list of sorts for the new year.  Another great idea is to create a Blessing Jar for 2016. There is no need to take your tree down as you can just repurpose it into a New Years Eve Tree!

New Year's Eve Appetizer Recipes

If you are like us you must make a few New Year’s Eve Snacks to enjoy while you are counting down the new year!  Here is a collection of our favorite New Year’s Eve Appetizers and Snacks.  We hope you enjoy them too!

New Year Party Ideas:

Toilet Roll Noisemaker

DIY Photo Booth Props

DIY Wine Markers

Appetizer Recipes

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