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Graduation Gift Idea They Will Treasure

Graduation gift idea they will treasure

Are you looking for a graduation gift idea they will treasure? I have the perfect idea for you! It takes a commitment but TRUST me when I saw it is worth it! I just gave this gift to my high school graduate, and he loved it!

Graduation Gift Idea They Will Treasure:

I had this book signed by ALL of Peyton’s teachers grades K-12 and then we all signed it last night. A keepsake for him to treasure. It was a labor of love and he loved it!

I ordered the book, “Oh, the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Seuss when my son was in kindergarten. I had all of his teachers grades K-8 sign it! Then I chose his most favorite high school teachers and asked them to sign it. I have kept this book hidden in my nightstand for 14 years! Toting it around in the same manilla envelope that said, “return to Melissa Jennings” in case it got lost. Since many of these teachers are now retired and switched school it became a priceless treasure.

As I read what each teacher wrote about Peyton it became a treasured keepsake for me too. At Peyton’s graduation dinner I passed it around the table for each person to sign. It is a extremely special keepsake that I know he will treasure for the rest of his life.

I highly recommend starting this tradition and it is never too late! Start with whatever grade your child is in!

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