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5 Unbelievable Things That Can Cause Weight Gain

If you are trying to lose weight and having a hard time we have 5 Unbelievable Things That Can Cause Weight Gain to share with you. It’s really not fair because it’s not just the occasional junk food binge or a drive through at the fast food lane that can cause dreaded weight gain.

5 Unbelievable Things That Can Cause Weight Gain

Unfortunately the lack of exercise is not our main culprit either. Everyday there are factors that have an effect on our weight that we may not know about. Here are 5 random and unbelievable things that can cause us to gain a few extra unwanted pounds.

5 Unbelievable Things That Can Cause Weight Gain

Vitamin D Deficiency. Regardless of the amount of vitamin D we get from our food and beverage or the fresh air and sunshine, vitamin D deficiency has been linked to adult obesity. So, drink your milk and get outside.  We suggest that you see your physician and get tested and if you are low that you consider taking a supplement.

Internet Overuse. The more time we spend on the internet, whether scrolling Facebook or other social media sites, we are most likely not doing something that is active. The chances of procrastinating exercise, eating unhealthy snacks, and staying up way too late increase as we excessively stay online. Cut back surfing time and get to bed earlier and you will find yourself losing weight instead.

Food Channels. How many times have we watched our favorite cooking show only to jump up and rush out to get the ingredients to recreate that delectable dish? If we keep our spontaneity in check during these moments, we can stay on track and keep off unwanted pounds.  Also, for many it triggers late night eating so consider a day time routine instead.

Happy Relationships. Studies have shown that people in happy and successful relationships tend to care less about staying in shape to help attract a mate. Be happy, but let’s not lose ourselves in the dreaded relationship weight gain.  This is a concern for me since I have been happily married for 17 years!

Second Hand Smoke. Crazy as it sounds, second hand smoke has been linked to weight gain. Most smokers use this habit to keep their weight down, but if non-smokers are exposed it can trigger cellular changes that have been shown to cause weight gain. Try to limit exposure and even ask smokers to keep it outside.

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