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Best Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

Last week our son had his wisdom teeth removed.  That resulted in learning about some of the Best Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips out there!  Whether it is for yourself or one of your children, you need to plan and prepare.  This is a minor outpatient dental surgery, but it is something that you can manage without too many issues.

Best Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

Best Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips

Have soft foods on hand for recovery. 

Soft foods are obviously a must after any dental surgery.  Kids go for pudding and ice cream, but you will need more foods that offer some nutrition.  Soups, mashed potatoes, soft noodles, and scrambled eggs are the go-to options for meals for the first few days until your mouth begins healing.  No sharp or crunchy foods should be eaten until the mouth has begun to properly heal.

Keep ice packs in the freezer. 

After you have any dental surgery, your mouth will be swollen and sore.  One of the best things to have on hand is an ice pack from the freezer.  It will soothe pain, numb the area, and keep swelling to a minimum.  We love these old school reusable ice bag or hot water bags for regular use.  They are easy to clean, and they last forever.

Stick with the pain medication schedule. 

When the dentist gives you post wisdom teeth removal medication you need to take it regularly.  When breakthrough pain happens, you are less likely to heal well.  You may even find yourself getting worse.  Regularly take the pain medication and over the counter ibuprofen or Tylenol as prescribed.  This will help you heal faster and easier.

Find the right dentist for your needs. 

Not all dentists are created equal.  Your regular family dentist may be great for cleanings, but may not be equipped for dealing with sedation in a child or an anxious adult.  Take the time to get personal recommendations and find the right dentist to suit your individual needs.  I promise your regular dentist won’t be offended if you seek a specialist for this surgery.

Follow the dentist directions. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make after wisdom teeth removal is that they don’t follow the directions the dentist gives.  Whether it is limiting the foods you eat or not using a straw, many people think they can just do whatever they want.  Things like infections, dry sockets, and increased pain all happen when you don’t follow your dentist’s instructions.


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