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Choosing Healthy Snacks – Make A “Way Better” Choice

Choosing Healthy Snacks – Make A “Way Better” Choice.  Snacking is inevitable.  It is going to happen regardless of how many “square meals” you eat each day.  In fact, it is actually good for your body to eat 5 smaller meals a day.  I normally try to incorporate a healthy whole grain and protein into those meals.  When I need a snack I try to turn to a vegetable, nuts, cheese, yogurt or fruit.  Top on my list of healthy (and good tasting) snack foods is Way Better Snacks.  They are packed full of whole grains and sprouted seeds which are good for digestion.  When you eat them (or sprouted seeds) you will find that you will digest your food easier and you will absorb the nutrients from the spouted seeds easily.  I love this Way Better Fruit Yogurt recipe that combines the chips into my yogurt/fruit for a complete meal in one cup!

What is your favorite healthy snack?

You may also want to check out this recipe made with Way Better Snacks Chips:
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Vegetarian Sweet Potato Black Bean Taco Bake
Way Better BBQ Meatballs

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Way Better Snacks however all opinions and my love for this brand are 100% my own opinion.



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