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How to eliminate onion odor when cooking

How to eliminate onion odor when cooking

Have you ever had a leftover onion in your refrigerator and didn’t want to waste it?  How about the stinky smell that goes along with it? This is a great kitchen tip that will save you from a having a stinky house. It never fails that I cut an onion the day before unexpected company arrives. If you find yourself in the same boat this will be a lifesaver.

How to eliminate onion odor when cooking:

A great kitchen tip when you have a leftover onion is to wrap the other half your onion up tight in tinfoil it lasts a LONG time and doesn’t give an odor in the fridge.

You can also rub your hands on stainless steel or use lemon juice to help cut the smell from your skin too.  I often times wear latex gloves when I am working with onions.  Sounds crazy but it helps!

Do you have any great tips for eliminating onion odor when cooking?

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  1. Good ideas!
    I bought latex gloves for food prep after an unfortunate incident involving jalapenos from the farmer’s market–they were very strong. That night when I took my contacts out with the fingers I had washed 6 times since then…. well it was a bad experience that I can laugh at now 🙂
    So I already have gloves.

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