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52 Week Saving Worksheet

52 Week Saving Challenge Worksheet

We are excited to share with you this free 52 Week Saving Worksheet. This is a great way to save money for next year’s Christmas! We hope this plan helps you save money! Regardless of when you start this plan in the year it is a fantastic way to create a slush fund or a vacation/Christmas fund.

52 Week Saving Worksheet:

By saving cash you able to see your fund grow. You can deposit this into a checking or savings account or keep it in a safe.

Want to build an Emergency Financial Safety Net. Are you ready for a financial emergency? If this year in our lives has taught us anything, it is that many in our society just aren’t ready for that emergency that takes away steady income. While I have been blessed to be in a place where finances are not a constant worry right now, I understand and have been in situations where it is a 24/7 worry. That’s why I wanted to share with you some tips for creating a financial safety net and how to really use your time and money wisely to provide for your family.

If you don’t have emergency savings set up, you may be struggling right now. Everyone around us is scrambling to manage bills, debts, and just basic necessities. This is known in 2020, and while worrying, it does not have to be the future for you and your family. We may not know how things will work in the coming months, but you can put into place a financial safety net starting now, even without a steady income.


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