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Frugal Gardening Tips for Spring

The sun is shining, and it is time to get ready for summer using our top Frugal Gardening Tips for Spring!  We love growing both fruits and vegetables, and these tips have kept our garden growing year after year.  Whether you want a large garden or just a few flowerpots along the porch, these tips are for you!

Frugal Gardening Tips for Spring

Frugal Gardening Tips for Spring

To begin, I have to say that gardening is one of my favorite activities.  Even if it is just tending to an herb garden, there is something amazing about digging your hands into the soil and knowing you helped bring a plant to life.  It is a great frugal way to provide produce for your family, and also a perfect way to add beauty to your home and landscaping.

Make your own compost for fertilizer

One of the best frugal gardening tips I can share is to make your own compost to use for fertilizer.  We have spent hundreds of dollars on fertilizer and similar items year after year, and it just isn’t worth it when you can make your own.  Start a simple compost system with a bin or bucket that you fill with a bit of soil, and then drop food scraps like the vegetable peels, etc. into as you need year-round.  Rotate regularly and you’ll build a great healthy compost.  We have a complete tutorial on How to Build a Compost Bin that you can check out and use!

Start your own seeds at home

Buying produce or flower seedlings can add up fast.  We much prefer starting our own year to year.  You can use cups, trays, or even take out packages to start them.  There are tons of free or low-price options including the seed starting trays you can buy on Amazon.  The cost of supplies will be about half the price of buying them already mature for planting. The best part is that you learn more about the growing process, and it can be an excellent tool for teaching your children about plant life.

Save seeds year to year

While this takes a bit of effort, it can be a great way to save money and provides you with another fun way to learn about the plant life process.  Everything has seeds and removing those from the fruit or vegetable is easy to do.  Spread them out on paper towels to dry, then store in a dry location until next planting season.  This is just how our ancestors did it, and still works today!

Trade with others in your community

One of the best frugal gardening tips is to actually trade with others.  If you aren’t able to or struggle to grow a specific vegetable, see if you can swap or barter with other gardeners in your area.  You may even be able to barter with individuals who are willing to weed or water your produce in exchange for some of your produce.  These situations help you both stretch your dollar and can even help you create a higher yield crop since someone is tending your plants more regularly for you.

These frugal gardening tips are just what you need to begin your flower or vegetable garden this year.  A few hours of work, and regular care can produce a beautiful garden with fresh produce that saves tons of money in your budget.

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