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How to Organize your Pantry


How to Organize your Pantry in less than 2 hours

How to Organize your Pantry. I am excited to share some Pantry Organization Tips with you. As a busy Mom who stockpiles my pantry can easily get out of control. This pantry re-organization process took me approximately two hours.  I thought you might enjoy seeing my pantry in action and these pantry organization tips.

How to Organize your Pantry

I decided to tackle this project on a Saturday morning. First, I removed every single item from my pantry and placed it all on my kitchen counter. I made two bags. A garbage for any products that I found that were expired and a donate bag for any unopened packages that I didn’t want back in the pantry I was able in the end to donate a huge bag to our local food pantry and threw away a few items that were expired or opened but that we wouldn’t use due to dietary concerns.

I cranked up the music and enjoyed the process.  In the end it was a lot of fun to reorganize my pantry.  With only two short hours behind me I am able to open the pantry now and find ingredients and not feel overwhelmed.

I replaced all of the items back into our pantry in an organized manner using plastic bins, cereal containers and a few empty 6 pack containers. At the end of the day this process was great for me! It gave me peace of mind to have an organized pantry and being organized going into the summer is a great feeling. You may find this post Organize Your Stockpile helpful too!

Another great way to organize your pantry is with these DIY Containers

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  1. I use the plastic containers made for sugar. I have one for flour, sugar, coffee, creamer, rice, flax meal, beans of all sorts.

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