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Tips for growing strawberries

Tips for growing strawberries

This week I wanted to share with you some tips for growing Strawberries. This is our first time to plant Strawberries and my husband did some research that I wanted to share with you.

Strawberries are easy to grow and survive in full sun and rich soil. You can plant them in your garden in a row, in a raised bed or even in containers. I remember my Granny had planters of strawberry plants as a child.

Be sure to ask which variety is good to plant in your area. They also typically bear fruit in June and July.

Tips for growing strawberries:

  • Plant approximately 12 inches apart, staggering them with 18 inches between rows.
  • Your plants will grow and spread via runners or baby plants. Once your bed is the size you desire you need to pinch back the runners to avoid them from spreading.
  • Every four to five years replace your plants with new.
  • Mulch with clean straw to minimize watering and weeds.
  • You should place a blanket of chopped leaves over strawberries in late fall to prevent them from freeing in the winter.  Be sure to remove in the spring.
  • Be sure to water weekly and fertilize sparingly.
  • Snip stems instead of pulling on berries.

I am very excited about our strawberry plants! We have decided to make a raised bed just for them next year!

Tips for Growing Strawberries

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  1. Oh, so, Strawberries are perennials? They can stay in the ground and they produce every year? Huh, I never knew that. I have one lowly little plant this year but place to do more next year. That’s interesting to know. Thanks!

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