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7 Tips to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Low

7 Tips to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Low

I wanted to share with you 7 Tips to keep car maintenance costs low. Cars are expensive, but when you work miles away, they are a necessity. One of the most expensive parts of owning a car is the constant maintenance. If you pay a little extra attention to your car and follow these tips, you can save some money on caring for your car.

7 Tips to Keep Car Maintenance Costs Low

    1. Make sure your tires have enough air. If your tires do not have enough air, your gas mileage will start to suffer. Keeping your tires fully inflated can increase your gas mileage by 3.3%. It may be small, but considering how expensive gas is, that adds up fast.
    2. Change your oil on time. Keeping your oil clean is vital to keeping your car running properly. If you wait too long, you could end up causing serious damage to your car, and that little $30 oil change can turn into a $300 repair job.
    3. Get your tires rotated when you can. When you take your car in for maintenance, request to get the tires rotated as well. It will take a little longer, but this will prevent your tires from wearing out too quickly. If you sign up for the free rewards club at Pep Boysd, they will rotate your tires for free every time you need maintenance!
    4. Use independent shops. Taking your car to the dealer can be a costly mistake. Dealers tend to charge way more for services just because they have the brand name. There are plenty of trustworthy independent shops, but you just have to look for them. Shop around and get estimates before you settle down at one place.
    5. Check your gas cap. A loose or missing gas cap can cause tons of gas to evaporate as you drive. Your money will literally disappear into thin air unless you fix the problem.
    6. Use homemade cleaners. Instead of paying for a detailing service, try making homemade cleaners to clean spots off of your car. Even washer fluid can easily be made at home, saving you a bit of money.
    7. Check your car often. If you carefully inspect your car from time to time, you can help prevent your car from damage. If you notice something wrong ahead of time and take care of it immediately, you can avoid the astronomical costs of a broken car.

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