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Coffee Filter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

This Coffee Filter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft is a fun craft idea for kids to create on Thanksgiving Day.  Create a Turkey using watercolors for the feathers!  I love creating Thanksgiving Traditions – they are very important to me.

Coffee Filter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Our kids love to make these fun Coffee Filter Turkey’s and hang them on our window to display.  The colors really shine through and make it a vibrant decoration for Thanksgiving Dinner.  You could create these prior to Thanksgiving Day and use as decorations or you could set up a craft station in your garage to keep the little ones busy while waiting for the meal.  Regardless they are sure to love this fun Thanksgiving craft.

 Create a Turkey using watercolors for the feathers!

Coffee Filter Turkey Thanksgiving Craft:


  • Brown and Yellow Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Large Coffee Filter
  • Water Colors
  • Scissors
  • Cups with water
  • Paint Brush


  • Day One: Give the children a coffee filter – spread out flat and ask them to paint with all of the water colors (for feathers).  Spread out newspaper on the table to protect for place a plastic table cloth down. You can microwave for 30 seconds to dry or continue on day 2.
  • Day Two: Trace beak and legs out of yellow paper and ask children to cut out.  Trace body out of brown construction paper and ask children to cut out.  Glue the body to the filter and add beak and legs.  After attached paint eyes with black water color or use a black marker.

If you don’t have watercolors you can use markers on the coffee filter and droplets of water to get the colors to run.  Trust me this is fun craft that the kids are going to love.  It may cause a little of a mess but it is so worth it to see the vibrant turkey they will create.

Be sure to make this coffee filter turkey Thanksgiving craft with your kids!  You will be glad you did.  It is an inexpensive way to entertain and celebrate the season.

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