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Turkey Timeline

Are you cooking Thanksgiving for the first time and want it to be perfect? Here is a Thanksgiving Turkey Timeline to help you stay organized and focused as the holiday approaches.

Are you cooking Thanksgiving for the first time and want it to be perfect? Check out our Turkey Timeline.

By following these tips you will be sure to avoid some of the anxiety of hosting a big holiday event like Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Turkey Timeline:

5 Days Prior: Clean the House. Get rid of the dust bunnies. This could be a group effort, hire some help or do it yourself.

4 Days Prior: Put the turkey on a tray in the fridge to thaw. A 12-14 lb bird takes 3-4 days to thaw. (Plan 1 day of thawing for every 4 pounds of frozen turkey). This is a REALLY important step!

3 Days Prior: Bake pies or tarts. Chop vegetables for stuffing or side dishes. Cover and refrigerate.

2 Days Prior: Wash China and Crystal (if using). If not be sure that you purchase paper goods and plastic wear.

1 Day Prior:  Set Table and Arrange Centerpieces.  Places plates and glasses upside down to prevent dust from settling.

Thanksgiving Day:

  • Remove giblets from neck and body cavity of turkey. Prepare turkey according to directions. A 12-14 lb turkey takes at least 3 hours to roast.
  • Peel and cut potatoes. Place in Dutch Oven and cover with cold water. Set aside until ready to cook. Bake side dishes.
  • Make salad.
  • Flip a coin to see who will carve the turkey 🙂
  • Gather the family. Eat. Smile. Sigh.

Be sure to check out How-To Roast Turkey – Roasting Hints & Tips. I have included some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes. They are perfect for Thanksgiving and the day after. Hope you can enjoy some of them!

I like to prepare a craft table for the kids in another room to keep them entertained and out of your way as it gets hectic.  Here are some crafts they may enjoy:

Paper plate Pilgrim Craft

Thankful Thumbprint

Pumpkin Name Card Holders

Turkey Hat

Turkey Coffee Filter Craft

Thanksgiving Craft – Painted Turkey

Turkey Pinecone Craft

Thanksgiving Mayflower Craft

Thanksgiving Recipes:

Sweetened Crockpot Macaroni and Cheese

Roasted Turkey

Mashed Sour Cream Red Potatoes

Blueberry Jello Salad

Linda’s Deviled Eggs

Homemade Pumpkin Pie Creamer

Easy Pumpkin Pie

Hand Print Turkey Cookies

Perfect for Leftovers:

Turkey Pot Pie

Turkey & Gravy

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