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Frugal Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

Planning the holiday meals can be a huge expense, so we are sharing some of our favorite Frugal Thanksgiving Dinner Tips to help you plan ahead for the favorite season. Whether you are eating alone or inviting the whole family over for a delicious meal on the day of thanks, this list will help you to save and still provide a wonderful meal.

Frugal Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

Make the most of your meal while keeping in budget using our tips. We love the holidays and have tons of great recipes to help keep your budget low and taste buds happy!

Plan a potluck meal

If you plan to host a large group of people or family for your Thanksgiving dinner, then make it a potluck meal. Inviting friends and family over for Thanksgiving is a huge part of the tradition, but often comes with a big price tag. Instead, this year send out your invitations with a list of items guests can bring. Assigning things like side dishes, desserts, drinks, and appetizers is an easy way to cut down on your costs and fun for your guests. You can even set a budget of spending no more than $5. That makes it even easier for guests to manage if they are also on a budget.

Suggested items are things like: homemade hot rolls, green bean casserole, baked sweet potatoes, corn casserole, cornbread, pasta salads, Jello salads, pudding pies, cupcakes, cookies, and dessert bars.

Serve non-traditional foods

There is nothing more fun than going outside your usual menu and trying something different. Popular holiday buffet foods that serve a crowd on a budget are things like tacos, soups, and sandwiches. A sandwich buffet is tons of fun and easy for everyone to customize. Tacos can be simple when you use ground meat and chicken in Crockpots and just provide toppings and a variety of tortilla or chip options. Soups and chili are always cheap and satisfying.

Shop the Dollar Tree for supplies

Instead of fancy tablecloths and silver at each place setting, hit up your local Dollar Tree for paper or plastic supplies. You can cover tables and provide dinnerware for under $10 and it is all disposable so you don’t have to worry about spending a ton of time on cleanup or laundry after the Thanksgiving dinner party leaves.

Decorate with natural elements

Send your kids outside to gather some pretty stones, pinecones, and twigs for your mantle. Pick up a few inexpensive pumpkins or gourds and use those as decor items instead of buying expensive items to decorate your home. Natural is easy and simple, but can also be very elegant when arranged appropriately.

Keep the guest list small

Ultimately, the expense comes in feeding more people. If you don’t have to invite a lot of people, then keep the guest list small. An intimate family dinner with just immediate family is just as special as a huge crowd of friends and neighbors. Sometimes, this is just the best way to cut the budget yet still enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with those you love.

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