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Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment. Are you looking for some cheap family entertainment?  As you know Friday is make your own pizza night at our house! We unplug and enjoy time together as a family. Today I wanted to share with you our all-time favorite card game, UNO. My son loves to play UNO and so do we.

Playing Cards = Cheap Entertainment

We just play the traditional version that costs less than $6 at most stores! This is a great game to play together, and it also teaches numbers and colors for younger children.  We love to play UNO on Snow Days too in fact our Elf on the Shelf even joined in on our family fun!

Peyton loves to play cards on vacation and when his grandparents come to visit too!  We are considering some of the other versions too, with Christmas coming this may be a great family gift. Do you have any of them? I would love to hear what you think?  Does your family have a weekend Family Fun Day?  Or favorite game that you love to play?

We often rotate between game night and a Dance Party. Both are really cheap forms of family entertainment, and they make memories that will last a lifetime! Be sure to make those memories while you can! Be a memory making mom.

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  1. We have both UNO Attack and UNO Roboto. We love both of them. There are very few differences when compared to the original version, and my 8 year old doesn’t have any trouble with the changes. Both games are really fun with multiple players (six or more players). I would recommend the classic version for only a few players. I would prefer Attack, but my daughter would prefer Roboto. Hope this helps!

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