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How to Make the Perfect Cookie

How to Make the Perfect Cookie

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect cookie. We all know we have been there before and had a batch of cookies turn out not so right. With the holiday baking upon us be sure to follow these tips to help you always get the perfect batch of cookies!

How to Make the Perfect Cookie:

Problem – Under-baked Cookie ~ TIP – Make sure your oven is preheated. If your oven is not properly heated it will cause your cookies to not bake right.

Problem – The over-mixed cookie (will spread too far, crinkle up and bake flat) ~ TIPBe sure to only mix for 30 seconds after adding the last scoop of dry ingredients and just until you see no more white specks of flour in the batter.

Problem – Not enough flour cookie (cookie does not have enough structure to hold itself together so it spreads out and burns) ~ TIP – Make sure you measure your ingredients correctly when baking.

The perfect cookie will be lightly browned on top and bottom with a chewy middle!

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