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Headache Relief without Medication

Headache Relief without Medication

I wanted to share with you this tip for Headache Relief without Medication. I suffer from migraines and normally I carry medication or essential oils with me when I am on the go however, I forgot to pack them along with me and at Peyton’s soccer game I came down with a pounding headache.  I knew I was in trouble, and I mentioned it to one of the other soccer Moms and she gave me a GREAT tip on how to cure the headache without taking medication.

Normally I don’t use OTC medication because I use essential oils, but I was stranded without them and decided to give her tip a try.  I had nothing to lose except a pounding headache and I was concerned it was going to quickly turn into a migraine.

Headache Relief without Medication:

Her tip was to drink a 24 oz Gatorade or Powerade as quickly as possible!  What?  It just can’t be!!!  So, I did it!  The headache started edging off about halfway through the sports drink.  As I finished it off, I felt the headache starting to leave.  She told me that sometimes you have to drink 2 sports drinks to “cure” your headache but that is only if you are really dehydrated.  She asked me if I had been drinking enough fluids and as I thought about, I knew I hadn’t.  When we go to soccer, and I know there is only a portlet I often don’t drink a lot pre-game.  WOW!  I will never make this mistake again. The electrolytes in the sports drink help with the constricting of your blood vessels and in turn that helps your headache to leave.

I was thrilled with this awesome DIY for Headache Relief.  You can almost always find a sports drink when you are on the go.  I hope this tip helps others who suffer with headaches or migraines.

This is my go-to for how to treat a migraine or headache with essential oils.

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  1. I swear by Gatorade. I too have found that it helps fight migraines as well as nausea. Whenever I feel a headache or upset stomach coming on, I reach for the Gatorade. Glad you found the easy remedy too.

    1. I have had to drink two to three Gatorade every day for the past three years. I have had kidney failure and I suffer from Terrible Migraines. A headache everyday that never goes away all the way. Gatorade is my life line. If I don’t drink it My headaches are so bad I can’t even Stand my own voice or the light. My kidneys hurt if I don’t drink it. I call it the best medicine off the store shelves not made by A big drug Company. It’s healthy for you and if you watch your sugar in everything you take in Your doing Good things for your body. If you suffer from muscle cramps it can help get rid of them…. A Great Option to help your Body out!!! LOVE IT!! I PAY MORE FOR IT THAN FOOD EACH MONTH…. TURE STORY….

  2. I usually don’t comment, but thank you so much for sharing. I too suffer from migraine and will definitely try this.

    1. It doesn’t matter which flavor. I have used any I can get my hands on. I do normally choose the G2 because of calories personally.

  3. As a migraine sufferer, I’ve found the Gatorade method works for me before/during my trigger activities (tough workouts/overheating) …as a possible precentitive. But once it starts, forget it 🙁

    Live natural treatments or preventatives!

    Sending all you migraine peps well wishes!!

  4. I also suffer from Migraines…. And I can totally appreciate the Gatorade trick….. I always have it in my house….. However there is a lot of sugar in it… I have found the Smart Water, works really well too… Like Gatorade, it has added electrolytes…..

  5. I know this is an old thread, but I’ve recently learned that any fresh citrus juice mixed in water restores electrolyte balance and rehydrates as well as Gatorade without the chemicals! Give it a try. I use one lemon per 12 oz of water, approximately.

  6. I just want to say my NP told me G2 may be causing me headaches and she was right. Regular Gatorade is not a problem but personally I have to stay away from G2.

  7. Wow, I honestly thought I was the only person to instinctively reach for the Gatorade with a headache or migraine attack. .I have suffered from migraines over many years and this is my staple that I need to have. It sits well in my stomach so it’s not upset and the flavour isn’t overwhelming.. It prevents me from dehydrating which happens easily especially during a migraine. I take medication and need to sleep for hours to get rid of a migraine, so I think this keeps things in balance. I prefer regular orange.. Thanks for posting this!

    1. I am glad it works for you too! I love being able to treat my headache without medication 🙂 Sweet Relief (pun intended)…

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