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5 Tips for Avoiding the January Blues

5 Tips for avoiding the January Blues

Here are 5 Tips for Avoiding the January Blues. January is always a time that many people get the blues.  The sun is not shining, and it is cold and dreary.  Here are five tips to help you avoid the blues this year. Trust us it is easy to get depressed and feeling down in the dumps when the sun is not shining. These are tips and suggestions to help you avoid the feelings and look towards summer to keep your soul shining.

5 Tips for avoiding the January Blues

1.  Increase your Vitamin D – By eating foods rich in Vitamin D or adding a supplement you will be able to keep your energy at a more normal level.  I actually increase mine to because my recent blood test indicated that I was low in Vitamin D.  Knowing that I won’t see the sun for quite some time I added this supplement and can tell a major difference.  Foods rich in Vitamin D include: Salmon, Tuna, Flounder, Milk, Fortified Cereal, Pork, Eggs, Mushrooms, Beef Liver, Ricotta Cheese.

2.  Increase your Omega-3 – My Dr. also suggested that I increase my omega-3 fatty acids.  They block chemicals called cytokines that cause a “bad mood”.  If you increase your oily fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna) as well as flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds you will see an improvement in your mood.

3.  Protect yourself against virus – This has been a terrible season for illness and nothing makes you blue more than being sick.  It is not too late to get the flu shot or flu mist if you choose to (I am not advocating for or against).  It is important to wash hands and other public areas (like your desk at work and any shared surface like grocery carts and keyboards).  Another tip is regularly wash hand towels in bathrooms or switch to paper towels during the winter months.

4.  Eat Breakfast – If you start your day fueling your body yo will feel better.  Breaking the “fast” is important.  Don’t skip breakfast because your body needs to start the day with nutrients and protein.  You may want to start with hard boiled eggs or even a green smoothie.

5.  Get 8 hours of sleep – This is a big one!  It is proven that if you don’t get enough sleep that not only will you have less energy but that you will not lose as much weight.  If you try to go to sleep at the same time and get up the same time this will help with your weight loss goals. If you skimp on sleep you will reduce your leptin, which is a weight loss hormone. This hormone is responsible for telling your body when it has had enough to eat! When you lose sleep you also increase the production of the hormone Ghrelin. It is a hormone that tells you when you are hungry. So increasing this hormone makes you eat MORE!

Disclaimer:  I am not a health professional and I am not giving medial advise.  Please consult a physician before making changes in your diet.

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  1. sleeping eight hours at night is hard for me I usually end up sleeping from 10pm-8am. thanks for the tips I really need to work on a healthy grocery list

  2. I always remember to eat breakfast (I get cranky if I don’t), but I don’t always get enough protein early in the day.

  3. I already take Vitamin D supplements, and I try to eat breakfast everyday. Have to work on the 8 hours of sleep since I often only get around 6. But I don’t have trouble with the January blues.

  4. My tip is to take a little time for yourself each day to keep stress away. Try even just five minutes for a cup of coffee/tea and be thankful. thx

  5. To help fight the January blues: #1 Exercise, Exercise, Exercise, get those hormones flowing: Hormones=Happy 🙂 and it is a great stress reducer. #2 Get as much direct sun as possible * use a sunscreen, not a sunblock*. Sunlight not only helps your fight against depression it also helps our little white blood lymphocyte soldiers fight against the cold and flu that is prevalent this time of year. #3 Make the time for your family, get out with them and do things together as a unit. Remember that they could be feeling the blues also, especially in younger kids who are energetic. Getting together with your friends and family on your days off of work helps break the monotony that contributes to depression. So the less that you are confined to your house the chances of depression taking over significantly decreases. Also#4 ….Take steps to change your lifestyle by: EATING RIGHT. Eating right can deliver many different vitamins and mineral and antioxidants to keep our bodies functioning correctly and optimal. AVOID ALCOHOL!! It is a diuretic and it will dehydrate you. This time of year we are all fighting issues with our skin and keeping it hydrated by drinking plenty of water will help fight that. We want to feel our best, and having issues will only bring you down. And most importantly I would recommend: #5 To assure I feel my best I try and look my best. Looking pale really isn’t the “in” thing for any time of the year, so wear make-up. Put a glow on your face and make your cheeks pop with a little blush. Take those pretty clothes and dresses out of your closets that you have been saving for special occasions. Nice sweaters that look great with coordinating boots and scarves…yes!!! I love winter clothes!! This is your chance to show people that you can get out there and look classy, sweet, smart, and also sexy without showing your skin. Show that you are more than just the skin that people see in the summer. This is a list I try to adhere to for myself. It works for me. I’m not an expert and don’t pretend to be. You should be knowledgeable in the facts before you do anything. So look everything up for yourself and decide what is best for you.

  6. I need to remember Vit. D….I have my omegas but probably should take them….not good at taking my Vit. Thanks again for great tips.

  7. Sleep, so I important but they hardest for me to do, by far! This year, I would love to get to a point of at least 7 a night.

  8. I can recall when I lived in New York (I don’t really need this in California) I had full spectrum (daylight) bulbs in my room that were supposed to help with ‘winter blues’.

  9. Great tips! Many of these are things that is struggle with and know it would lift my mood if I worked on them.

  10. Good tip on the vitamin D. It’s easy in the warmer weather but not so much in winter.
    Keeping busy with family and friends is also good. Sometimes a hot chocolate and a great book can help you forget the January blues .

  11. sleep is very important and vitamin c is a great source as well….i try to avoid the outside stores during the flu season….with having copd i can catch things pretty quickly and the common cold is just terrible for meself….so i try to keep myself from getting sick thanks for these great tips greatly appreciated

  12. sleep is very important and vitamin c is a great source as well….i try to avoid the outside stores during the flu season….with having copd i can catch things pretty quickly and the common cold is just terrible for meself….so i try to keep myself from getting sick thanks for these great tips greatly appreciated….will keep this info close

  13. These are great tips. I do numbers 1 thru 4. I TRY to do #5 but it’s hard since I’m a light sleeper and everything wakes me up!

  14. I’m doing a New Year’s fast this year: no flour, bread, tortillas, sugar, sweets, etc. I am also trying chia and flax seeds.

  15. Enjoy the natural sunlight when it comes… I live near a Great Lake and the gray skies are everyday! Sunshine is a rare treat in January !

  16. Thanks for the tips! I’m not a fish eater, however, I take a fish oil pill every single day! I also take a woman’s multi-vitamin every day as well! I must be made upside down or something because I’ve been under an awful lot of stress due to my husband’s illness right now and I know that I am definitely not getting enough sleep, however, I haven’t been hungry! In fact, I’m eating less now with lack of sleep than I did when I got my 8+ hours! Thanks for the Great Tips and the information you provided all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Michele 🙂

  17. I make healthier meals, try to get enough rest,spending time with family,go for a walk, and decluttering helps avoid the January blues.

  18. i did not get the lblue i have a hsoue that need done i painted so far 3 of 5 room the other two will be done with in 2 weeks i reapird the walls and ceiling and then had to put the thing way

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