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How To Make Summer Fun Help You Lose Weight

This week in our 52 Weeks To Wellness, we are going to look at How To Make Summer Fun Help You Lose Weight.  With kids home from school, vacations happening left and right and tons of BBQ events to attend it can be tough.  However, we have some great ideas that are excellent for helping you to continue your weight loss progress while enjoying the fun summer gives you and your family.

How To Make Summer Fun Hep You Lose Weight

How To Make Summer Fun Help You Lose Weight

Enjoy more fresh fruit.  Summer is the perfect time to stock up on fresh fruit like watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and even pineapple and mangoes.  Fresh fruit is an excellent fiber rich food that will satisfy your cravings for sweets.  It is also a great way to cool off when you slice it up ahead of time and freeze it.  You can add this to ever meal, to smoothies, in your water or as dessert for a delicious and healthy alternative to rich ice cream or desserts.

Walk to your destinations.  Parks, playgrounds and amusement park parking lots allow you to walk a bit more to burn off calories.  In the summer months, you can easily take the kids to your community pool, park or playgrounds and walk instead of driving.  The extra few blocks are great exercise and steps to help you keep the weight off.

Go to theme parks more often.  What better excuse to take the kids to a theme park than it is a great way to make summer fun help you lose weight.  With all the extra steps you’ll be taking inside a theme park you’ll be able to burn off extra calories with ease.

Swim with your kids for added exercise.  Head to the pool, lake or ocean for some extra exercise.  Your kids will love seeing mom out at the pool and playing, and you’ll have fun in the water while burning extra calories easily.  Water also is much easier to exercise in since it supports your weight easier.

These are great ways to make summer fun help you lose weight this year.  Get outside with the kids and have fun while burning extra calories!

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