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Best Keto Diet Snacks

Following the Keto Diet can feel overwhelming.  You may wonder what you can have as a snack since so many foods are high in carbohydrates.  To help make the Keto or Ketogenic Diet easier for you to manage, we have compiled a list of popular snack items that are safe to enjoy and stay under your carbohydrate recommendations.

Best Keto Diet Snacks

Best Keto Diet Snacks

This list includes options that are high in protein and moderate in fat intake.  While low carb high fat has been the theme for years in regards to the Keto Diet, we know that constantly fueling your body with higher fat and cholesterol items isn’t always the best choice.  Instead, choosing healthier options that include protein but healthier natural protein and fat sources is the way to go.  This list limits unnatural high-fat foods and encourages you to enjoy things that are well rounded with quality protein instead. When in doubt, look for healthy fats and oils.

  • Quest Bars:  Available in multiple flavors, these are an ideal meal replacement or larger snack.  They include that sweet craving you are looking for, without the sugar and carbs that can be bad for your Keto diet regimen. Tip microwave them a few seconds.
  • Beef Jerky:  Nothing is as good as some high protein beef jerky. We also love turkey jerky and venison jerky.  You can buy it or grab the dehydrator and make your own .
  • Pork Rinds:  These often get a bad rap, but they are actually not so bad.  In moderation, they can easily satisfy that craving for something salty and crunchy.  Just remember that like anything, a little goes a long way. Also be aware of the flavors added to them.  Sometimes those flavors include sugar you are wanting to avoid.
  • Kale Chips:  We love making homemade Kale Chips.  They are high in nutrients and have little carbohydrates.
  • Laughing Cow Cheese:  Go for the full-fat version and enjoy on some veggies or just by itself.  Watch the flavored options for additional sugar content and avoid as needed.
  • Avocado:  Slice and add to a roll up with luncheon meat and cheese, or eat on it’s own.  Guacamole is another great choice.
  • Pickles:  Dill pickles are best.  Avoid sweet or bread and butter pickles that have tons of sugar added.
  • Tuna:  Straight out of the pouch or prepared with a bit of mayonnaise and pickles.
  • Atkins Bars & Shakes:  This brand is well-known in the low carb community and is ideal for Keto diets.  Pick your favorite flavors of Atkins Bars or Atkins Shakes and keep on hand for those occasions you need a fun snack.
  • String Cheese:  Grab the full-fat variety and enjoy alongside some lean meat, or by itself.
  • Eggs:  Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached – eggs are an excellent well-rounded option.
  • Lean Meats:  I love to prepare chicken, pork, and even beef ahead of time by grilling in large batches then portioning out for easy snacks and meals.  You can also use luncheon meats that are lower in nitrates as an easy on the go snack option.
  • Peanut Butter: Watch portions as these add up fast, and look for natural options that have no added sugar.
  • Sugar Free Jello or Popsicles:  I always keep these on hand for those sweet treat cravings.
  • Nuts:  Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pecans and Walnuts are our favorites for snacking.  Sunflower seeds are another great options.

This list is a great place to begin when trying to find the best Keto Diet friendly snacks!

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