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All-Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash

All This Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash is great for removing pesticides from your produce.

I love this all-natural fruit and vegetable wash!  As you know there are many uses for essential oils. One of my favorite uses is that you can soak your fresh fruits and veggies to remove the waxy residue and chemicals used during the growth and transportation process.

All-Natural Fruit and Vegetable Wash:

Simply fill your kitchen sink with cold water and add 5 drops of lemon essential oil.  That is, it!  Let your fruits and veggies soak for 20-30 minutes then rinse and try.  It is that easy!  Another tip is that you can use 1/2 cup White Vinegar.  I personally like to combine both at the same time.

The lemon essential oil removes the wax and toxins.  This is a great money saver because you can purchase nonorganic fruits and veggies and save yourself a ton of money!  However, I always purchase organic when it comes to the dirty dozen.   You may want to check out this article on How to shop at Whole Foods without spending your Whole Paycheck too!

Another great use for Lemon Essential Oil is that you can remove laundry stains with it too!  Check out this post on additional Uses and Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil.


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