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DIY Star Wars Lightsaber

DIY Star Wars Lightsaber

We love this DIY Star Wars Lightsaber. If you kids LOVE Star Wars, they are going to love this easy DIY.  We made these at our local library and the kids had a blast playing with them.  Best of all they are safe for indoor play.  This is a great snow day craft or birthday party game.  It is so easy to make Star Wars light sabers from a pool noodle cut in half.  Not only is this affordable craft it is great for boys and for your next Star Wars Birthday Party.

DIY Star Wars Lightsaber:


  • Pool Noodles (cut in half)
  • Duct Tape
  • Electrical Tape or Thin Duct Tape in a variety of colors
  • Stickers


1.  Provide each child with a pool noodle that you have previously cut in half.

2.  Wrap one end with Silver Duct Tape to create the “handle”

3.  Provide colored electrical tape or thin duct tape to be used to decorate the light saber.

4.  Use stickers or markers to decorate.

This was a great use of how to use pool noodles after the swimming season.  We suggest that you purchase the pool noodles after summer on sale or at the Dollar Tree to save some money!

DIY Star Wars Light Saber

After they made their light sabers, they played a party game with balloons and their light sabers trying not to let them drop to the ground.  It was so much fun and a safe game of keep-away.

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