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DIY Artwork on A Budget

DIY Artwork On A Budget


We love DIY Artwork on A Budget. Art can be expensive especially if you are planning to fill a space that is big enough to fill a blank and big wall in your home. Fortunately, there are ways to come up with art that you can use for your home without going broke. In fact, there are a couple of DIY art projects that will not require Da Vinci’s creative talents. Here are some artwork ideas that you can do on your own.

DIY Artwork on A Budget:

Use your Photographs

Photographs that you can buy from art galleries can be quite expensive, so, why don’t you use the pictures you took for that wall? Blow up pictures can fill a blank space and with a number of digital cameras, you can actually take great shots even if you are not a professional photographer. You can also enlarge those pictures to poster size and use customized frames.

Frame a Calendar Page

An inexpensive way to decorate is by framing the artwork in a calendar.  When we are decorating my sons’ room, we always turn to Wall Calendars that we pick up on sale and frame the images in an inexpensive frame.

Cutting and Pasting

If you have the time and the patience to cut stuff and paste them into something, then you can create great artwork from doing that. You can actually use paint chips for projects like this. Try to look for a combination of patterns and colors that you are comfortable with.  Magazines, old cards, your kid’s artwork.  Let your imagination go!

Canvas Art

A blank canvass is not just for painters, you can use it even if all you can draw is a stick man. You can create various geometric patterns. You can find inspiration in color field painting. With these geometric patterns, you can create wonderful pieces that will impress your guests.

Paper Silhouettes

Cut outs can be a lot of fun! One artwork idea that you can use is to trace the silhouette of old photographs on a black construction paper. All you have to do is look for a picture of you or a loved on an active pose and cut it out. You can simply frame the cut out and you would have something to hang on that wall.

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