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Disney Oga’s Cantina Review

Disney Oga’s Cantina Review. This dining experience is out of our world. Literally. Step inside this notorious local watering hole to partake of unique libations for all ages. This Disney Dining options is located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Disney Oga’s Cantina Review:

You will be welcomed to the local cantina, where bounty hunters, smugglers, rogue traders, and weary travelers of all ages come together to refuel, enjoy music, and conduct meetings—no questions asked. You may be concerned that this is “just a bar” but I can assure you it is an experience. With a massive menu of exotic concoctions for young ones and adults, the cantina is a welcome rest stop before your crew’s next galactic journey.

We decided to do rope drop that morning that we had a reservation to Oga’s Cantina and by 9:45 am when we were seated it was perfect timing for a drink and snack. Now this is not a quiet pit stop. You will enjoy some “loud” musical entertainment courtesy of droid DJ R-3X, a former Starspeeder 3000 pilot. The vibe was a lot of fun, and the servers remain in character which makes it truly immersive.

For those who have long dreamed of visiting one of the galaxy’s most infamous watering holes, Oga’s Cantina brings that dream to life. It truly is an awesome experience and one that I highly recommend. I would not suggest it for infants or small children as we noticed some people had to leave around us because the noise was too much. However, for us we enjoyed it. There were some flashing lights too.

Oga’s Cantina at Disney’s Hollywood Studios specializes in fantastical drinks sourced with ingredients from across the galaxy and enticing concoctions that will delight even the youngest crew members. This was the Fuzzy Tauntaun – Our server said, “only quitters use straws”.  It did contain a “Buzz Button Tingling” Foam which was interesting. I enjoyed it.

This is the Jedi Mind Trick and Oga’s Obsession. We all really enjoyed the Oga’s Obsession a lot. It was Minute Maid® Premium Lemonade, Cotton Candy Flavor, Blueberry Popping Pearls with a Bursting Dried Fruit Mixture. I would for sure order this again.

You should check in no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their reservation time with the Cast Member at the end of the queue at Oga’s Cantina inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. There is no guarantee where you will be seated but you can make a request when you check in. Oga’s Cantina consists mainly of standing room, with limited seating. Seating is not guaranteed upon entry. Our table was a standing only space so that is something to be aware of and we were assigned to a table with others.

This was the Happabore Sampler which was cured and roasted meats, cheese and pork cracklings. They made it gluten free and served crackers on the side. It was good and we enjoyed it.

Each person in your party must be present upon check-in and for admission to the cantina.  Guests will be admitted as soon as space that accommodates their party size becomes available. Late arrivals may not be accommodated. We did see a party that was turned away as they had missed their reservation time. This experience takes place in an enclosed space with low lighting levels and high activity and is limited to 45 minutes per party.

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