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Can you freeze garlic cloves?


Can you freeze garlic cloves? Yes, you can! Check out this money saving tip!


Can you freeze garlic cloves?  You can! My neighbor grows the most amazing garlic and she brought me some this summer. She mentioned to me that I could freeze it and then use it as I needed. I was so excited!

Can you freeze garlic cloves?

All you do is simply peel and section the garlic into cloves then place into a freezer safe container. You can also chop or crush your garlic prior to freezing too!  Be sure to date and label and then freeze. It will be good for a full year.  To thaw simply run under hot water or thaw on your counter and then enjoy!

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  1. You can crush them and freeze them too I recycled a container I got from the grocery store that has frozen garlic in it Makes cubes about the size of 1 garlic clove

  2. I wouldn’t bother to peel each glove, it will come-off easily once it is thawed out.
    Besides, you can feel through the skin and tell if is going bad, just toss the bad cloves in the trash.
    At almost $5 a pound here in Ohio, I buy and freeze when it goes on sale, IF it ever does?

  3. thanks for the information. I bought a good size bag of pealed cloves at Sams Club for alittle over 5 dollars and now need to store a good part of it for long term. I don’t know if I caught them on sale but I do remember thinking it was a really good buy

  4. Bless you! I harvested my garlic last month and dried them like I always do, but some of the heads are beginning to rot from the inside out. There are still many cloves around the outside that are still solid, so I’ll pop them off and freeze them. Thanks for the advice.

  5. I love you! you have no idea how many of the pre cleaned garlic cloves I bought at trader joes and had to throw out because I wasn’t able to use them before they turned. I am going to buy one today…date it and freeze it 🙂 I am so glad I ran into your website. I am in need of new ways to become more efficient without throwing money out!

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