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7 Keto Friendly Foods You Should Stock Up On

A huge part of winning the keto game is being prepared. This means keeping keto friendly foods on hand so you avoid the takeout trap, or worse, cave and gorge on non keto friendly foods. To keep this from happening, creating a keto friendly stockpile is key. Look below at 7 keto friendly foods you should stock up on, so you can be prepared to create a keto suitable meal whenever you need!

7 Keto Friendly Foods You Should Stock Up On

7 Keto Friendly Foods You Should Stock Up On

1. Eggs.
This is one of the least expensive keto friendly food items and one you should always have on hand. Keep eggs in the fridge so you can enjoy them scrambled for breakfast, or, hard boil them and use them for snacks, in salads, or when you make chicken salad. With so many ways to use them, you won’t want to find yourself without them.

Keto Cheesy Eggs are a favorite fast and easy breakfast or snack!

2. Olive oil.
Olive oil is a healthy oil full of healthy fats and ideal for cooking with. Add it to salads, homemade marinades, or use it to cook fish and chicken. Drizzle it on vegetables before baking them, or use it in a number of keto-friendly recipes.

3. Avocado.
Avocados are so yummy, and they can be used in many keto friendly ways. Top sandwiches them, make your own dip, or wrap them with bacon for a tasty snack or appetizer. You can also enjoy them plain, on top of shell-free tacos or burrito bowls, or top your tuna salad!

Keto Breakfast Eggs and Avocado or our Keto Avocado Tomato Burger are two of our favorite recipes!

4. Cheese crisps.
Are you craving the crunch of crackers? Try Whisps or other similar cheese crisps. These crisps are made from 100% cheese and baked to taste like crackers. They are excellent for when you want a snack and desire some crunch. They can also be crumbled and placed on top of salads.

5. High-fat meats.
Now is the time to check out those high-fat meats! Stock up on bacon, salami, ham, and other fatty meats. Bacon can be made ahead of time and placed in the fridge, making it easy to grab and go. Use it on sandwiches, sprinkle salads, or just eat plain for a quick snack.

Print our Keto Diet Beginners Shopping List for more great items you want to keep in stock!

6. High-fat cheeses.
Choose high-fat cheeses (buying as blocks is typically best) so you can get your cheese fix in! Use these cheeses as a snack, add to baked items, or use it to top your vegetables and chicken. With so many keto friendly ways to use cheese, you won’t want to be left without it.

7. Nutrient-rich vegetables.
While the keto diet focuses a lot on healthy fats, you have to add in as many nutrient vegetables as you can. Stock up on carrots, spinach, lettuce, and asparagus. These are all easy to prepare, plus they can be used in various ways. They will add nutrients and fiber to your diet as well, which is important to keep in mind.

We love Roasted Broccoli and our Keto Roasted Chicken and Broccoli Sheet Pan Dinner is another hit in our house!

One of the best ways to stay on track with the keto diet is to keep keto friendly foods in the house at all times. Consider these 7 keto friendly foods you should stock up on in your arsenal, and you are sure to experience a greater chance of keto success!

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