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What Mother’s Should Be Teaching Their Sons

What Mother’s Should Be Teaching Their Sons for Future Relationships. Moms are responsible for so many things in the home, especially when it comes to teaching their children about right and wrong. Yet it doesn’t stop there.

You as a mother happened to be the very first woman in your son’s life, and the kind of relationship that you develop with your son will play out in how he acts and treats other women later on down the road. These are several lessons that a mom should teach their sons for their future relationships.    

What Mother’s Should Be Teaching Their Sons

What Mother’s Should Be Teaching Their Sons:

It may be hard to face the fact that he won’t always be your baby boy.  The thing is, you are the one who is going to help him with this transition in life, and giving him good examples is only going to be better for him in the long run.  Don’t mourn the loss of your baby, but look forward in joy to seeing your son find happiness in his life with his future spouse.

Money Doesn’t Buy Love

Teach your son while he’s younger that money doesn’t buy love. Not genuine and lasting love anyway. They shouldn’t feel any type of pressure or obligation to spend money on gifts and extravagant dinners in order to keep a woman interested in them. If that’s the case, that girl isn’t the right one for your son and needs to take a hike.   

Be Respectful

This one starts with you, mom. Your son has to learn how to respect you if he’s ever going to respect another woman. Every woman has certain boundaries and beliefs that may seem like a foreign language to your son, yet he should still be considerate of a woman’s feelings even when they don’t agree with them.   

Appreciate Her

When a woman feels truly appreciated, they’ll also feel that they belong and that everything about their role as a woman is important. This is done by praising them and returning the appreciation by putting her needs above his own. 

Be Yourself

While Disney’s Aladdin drove this message home crystal clear nearly 3 decades ago, the same holds true today. A mom should always encourage their sons to be themselves. Trying to be somebody that they’re not, simply trying to impress another girl or the wrong crowd, will only leave them disappointed in the end. They shouldn’t be required to lie, spend money, or dress a certain way in order to fit in.   

Never Hit a Woman

Physical violence against women from their partners happens more than we realize because it usually happens behind closed doors. Your son needs to know that it’s never okay to hit a woman. Never. No matter what she says or does, your son should learn to walk away so that the situation does not escalate. 

Avoid Love Triangles

If the girl that your son is pursuing is also being chased after by another man and she can’t make up her mind who the best suitor is, (your son of course) she’s not the right girl for your son. He should never have to compete with someone else to win over her love. 

Never Say, “I love you” Unless It’s Meant

Just because your son has strong feelings for another person, it doesn’t mean that it necessarily equals love. Far too many relationships these days use the phrase “I love you”, even when it’s not true. Teach your son to only say those words if he absolutely knows it, that way he does not end up breaking her heart. 

A mother has an especially important role to play when teaching their sons how to treat and act around a woman. These are a few that I’d encourage you to teach your sons while they’re young so that they learn how to be in a healthy, meaningful, and lasting relationship. What are some other lessons that a mother should teach their sons as they begin to mature into young men?   

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