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  1. I am a Thyroid Cancer survivor and one of my good friends past away from Uterine Cancer. I cannot stress enough that early detection is key. They discovered the lump in my Thyroid in 2007 but it was not until 2010 that I was diagnosed with cancer. Imagine if they had not found the lump at all! When they went in to remove my thyroid (still not actually knowing it was cancer, but because I insisted upon it), they had to remove the entire thing and some of my lymph nodes!! And that was WITH early detection.

    So please – while you are at it – ask your doctor to run a simple blood test to check your Thyroid levels. Thyroid cancer is on the rise.

    And always go to your regular check ups with your gynecologist. My friend had stopped going because she had been married for awhile and had passed menopause so she didn’t think she needed to go anymore. She was having some odd symptoms but I think she was too embarrassed to mention them to people because they involved her lady parts. ALWAYS if you feel odd about something, just go get it checked.

  2. Melissa, thank you so much for your amazing play-by-play! Annual mammograms are such a VITAL tool in a woman’s health. Early detection not only saved my life, it saved the QUALITY of my life!!! Because my tumors were discovered so early, they weren’t even big enough to feel as a lump yet! (Mental image: 3 together were still smaller than a grain of rice.) I didn’t need chemo!!! The cancer had not spread to my lymph nodes YET. At the time, my children were in 3rd, 4th and 12th grades. Because of that early detection, I only missed one month of their lives while recovering from my double mastectomy. So many women miss many, many months of their children’s activities due to chemo treatments and the tired/sickness they create. And unfortunately, thousands lose their battle every year. The earlier the detection the better the outcomes!!!! Get those mammograms, ladies!!!

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