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Tips For Getting Fitted for Hearing Aids

Getting Fitted for Hearing Aides and How to Prepare for it!

Tips for Getting Fitted for Hearing Aids is a process that takes time with your audiologist but being prepared helps everything go smoothly.  I (Stephanie) have worn hearing aids since I was in seventh grade.  I was born with hearing loss and as doctors tried to figure out why for years, they discovered I have Meniere’s Disease.  I will talk about that in another post.  On my latest hearing exam (which you should get yearly) there was a significant difference, so I needed new hearing aids to assist me.

Before this last time, I was able to have hearing aids molded to my ears that would go inside to my ear canal. But because my hearing is so bad, this time I had to get the kind that have a mold that fits in my ear then wraps around to the back of my ear.  In my left ear, I have very little hearing, so I actually wear a transmitter in that ear that goes to my aide in my right ear.  So back to how to get prepared for a hearing aid fitting.  You need to know that you will have at least 2 visits, but probably more to work out the kinks in the aides.

Your first visit will be to meet with the hearing aid specialist and determine what type of aide will work for your hearing loss. Believe me there is many choices and different kinds, but do not fear because the specialist will assist in everything.  Next, they will place a string with a small foam on the end into your canal, at this point you will not be able to hear at all. Next, they will squirt molding foam into the canal. This is how they get the shape of your inner ear.  They will then proceed and do the same to the other ear. You will have to sit for about 15 minutes to let the mold harden.  The specialist will then pop them out and make sure the mold took well.  At this time, you will then set an appointment for a few weeks out to allow time for the aides to be made.

Getting Fitted for Hearing Aides and How to Prepare for it!

At your second appointment, you will get to put your new hearing aids in.  The specialist will make sure the fit is perfect. Next they will do several tests to make sure it is set properly.  They will then set it at a level.  You may need to go back several times to get the volume and other features adjusted.  Just remember the specialist is there to help with any needs and some of these appointments may take awhile, but in the end you will be able to hear sounds of joy!

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